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Project Description
Super Library (SuperLib) is a collection of useful utilities for every day use in your .NET projects. Written in VB.NET it contains many generic functions brought together over the years into a single library, helping with HTTP, Email, String, Null and Validation handling. The aim of this project to have a massively useful repository of functions and utilities for inclusion in every application we develop. Writing such functions can be tedious and time-consuming, distracting from the core functionality of the application in hand - so let's build a re-usable generic library that deals with this - so you can concentrate on building the interesting stuff!

We want this to be community driven, therefore submissions of code or ideas for inclusion in the library are most welcome!

What's in the Library?
SuperLib.Converter - Utilities for converting data between formats and object types
SuperLib.Email - Utilities for handling and simplifying the sending of Email messages
SuperLib.Encryption - Utilities for handling hashing, encryption and decryption
SuperLib.FileSystem - Utilities for handling file system operations
SuperLib.HttpQueryString - Utility class to help build query-string parameter streams for HTTP requests
SuperLib.HttpRequest - Utility class for handling HTTP requests to remote servers
SuperLib.Null - Utilities to convert Null (Nothing) values to different values and data types
SuperLib.Number - Utilities for handling numeric values, including those of different bases. >New<
SuperLib.String - Utilities for handling String values
SuperLib.U - Provides various utility methods for quickly accessing common operations
SuperLib.Validation - Utilities for validating string formats and values

See the documentation for a complete list of functions that are available. The documentation was created using Sandcastle.

The Source Code (VS 2008) also contains a Visual Studio Unit Test project containing the tests that were applied against the library before the code was released to the community.

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Donate to the Cause!
We hope that this project is going to save serious hours of tedious coding for all you developers and it's something we are going to continue to build and maintain. What with all of the unit testing and documentation, this takes up a fair bit of time, so if you're using this library for commercial purposes, why not donate a few quid to the cause and keep SuperLib alive?
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